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Nail Polishes :
Vivacious colours that suit all skin tones and make the most of your hands. Cara Mia’s elegant, ultra-sophisticated nail polishes are formulated with a perfect balance of ingredients that provides gorgeous rich colour with a wet-shine look and is quick drying. It’s fluid texture makes application a snap.

Nail Polish Removers :

Cara Mia offers three types of nail polish removers : Acetone Free, Calcium Fortified and Vitamin E Enriched. These are all kind to your nails and cuticles and helps strengthen and moisturize your nails and are safe for artificial and sensitive nails.

  Midnight Star   Raisin   Ice Berg   Cotton Candy
  Purple Heart   Caliente   Swizzle   Clestial Clay
  Silverado   Sangria   Rosset   Rain Forest
  Black   Opal   Top Coat   Base Coat
  Gypsy   Intimate   Emerald   Azure
  Shell  Shock   #69   18k Gold   Magnolia
  Zaboca   Samba   Tropical Pink   Pink Opal
  Ocean Green   Purple   Pacific Blue   Baby Pink

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